Fiche Structure
Vanuit het Zuiden (Depuis le Sud)
Statut : Association, ASBL
Adresse : Mr. Hassouna MANSOURI, Trésorier Kerkstraat 256 huis 1017 HA AMSTERDAM
Pays concerné : Pays-Bas
Téléphone(s) : +31621877422


Créée le 27 avril 2010 à Amsterdam (Hollande).

KvKnummer: 34391862 – Fiscaalnummer: 82298461


Established in Amsterdam, Netherlands, since 27/04/2010.

From the South (Vanuit het Zuiden) is a cultural European organization based in Amsterdam. It was created by a group of intellectuals in order to emphasize the input of non-European artists and intellectuals in the enrichment of European cultures, through the establishment of a network involving European and non-Europeans living in Europe. It aims to make the cultures of the South better known in Europe by organizing cultural activities in different fields : theater, literature, music, cinema….The founders of the organization are professionals who have experience in the fields of journalism and film criticism, production and audiovisual production and theatrical they are also used to organize cultural events, conferences and festivals.