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Cedars Art Production-CAP (Sabbah Brothers)
Sabbah Média Corporation
Statut : Société de droit privé
Adresse : 7th Floor, Al Montada Center, Wardieh, Hamra Beirut
Pays concerné : Liban
Téléphone(s) : 01 378000
Fax : 01 360079
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company name: Sabbah Media Corporation S.A.R.L
contact info: tel: fax: 01 360079



Anwar Ali Hussein Sabbah (Owner(s))
Ali Anwar Sabbah (Owner(s))
Sadek Anwar Sabbah (Owner(s))

Our company

Cedars Art Production-CAP (Sabbah Brothers), established in the 1950’s, is a leading company with an eventful history in film production and distribution, TV rights, airborne rights, VOD and TV to Mobile rights in the Middle East and Arab Speaking Countries.

Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers) maintains a distinguished and solid rapport with the TV platform in the Middle East. Based on personal and business relationships with the TV channels of the region, CAP provides TV stations with content from a very large library of Arabic & Foreign movies, series, children animation movies and series, documentaries, Interactive TV shows, musicals & video clips among many others.

Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers), produces and co-produces a large successful line-up of theatrical movies among which « Caramel » (2006), directed by Nadine Labaki; « Abu Riadأ¢â‚¬آ¦Minn Addo » (2007), directed by Nasser Fakih; « A Perfect Day » (2005), directed by Khalil Joreige and Joana Hadjithomas; « When Mariam Spoke » (2001), directed by Assad Fouladkar.
In addition to motion picture production, CAP produces and co-produces drama series, biographies, action series, and comedy series. The TV series « Ragel Wa Set Settat » (2007-2008), directed by Assad Fouladkar, was the first sitcom to be produced in front of a live audience in the Arab World.

Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers) aims to promote a Pan-Arab image in its productions by including actors from the Gulf and other Arab countries, and shooting in the different countries of the region. Using HD cinema equipments and technique, many of the releases are produced between Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and recently, Iraq.

Cedars Art Production (Sabbah Brothers), also specializes in generating ideas for TV shows. Creative experts work on designing TV shows specific to the client’s profile, and which cater to the TV viewers’ demand.

The new generation of Sabbah Family was the first in introducing in the early 90’s, a Video/ DVD production house with wide distribution worldwide. CAP is equipped with state-of-the-art studios and services products by dubbing or subtitling based upon the client’s request. Along with the great success achieved, SMC became the official representative of Al-Jazeera Channel in distributing its programs worldwide.

Sadek and Ali Sabbah, along with a team of experts, now manage the whole line of business including all above-mentioned activities to preserve and continue their ancestors’ mission.