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Amana Creative
Adresse : Frédéric Sichler, producteur 101, Blvd. Victor Hugo 92100 BOULOGNE-BILLANCOURT
Pays concerné : France
Téléphone(s) : +2 02 2578 2772 | +33 1 5538 0101
Fax : +33 1 7941 6002


Amana Creative a été fondé en janvier 2010. Basé à Paris avec des bureaux au Caire.

SIRET : 51784378500018
RCS : Paris B 517 843 785
Capital social : 1.000,00 EURO
Immatriculation : 29-10-2009
Nationalité : France


Amana Creative was founded in January 2010. Based in Paris with offices in Cairo, the company develops and produces high quality Films and TV scripted content with a particular attention paid to projects bringing together Europe, America and the Middle-East.

The company has twinned with French based TV group TetraMedia on a major international TV series project based on ancient Egypt history called Pharaoh. Pharaoh has been created by John Milius and is co-developed with Canal+.

Amana Creative is currently involved in the development and preproduction of several movies written by some major uprising talents from the Arab world, such has Sheikh Kabir, a free adaptation of Shakespeare’s King Lear set today in Egypt, where bestseller novelist Khaled Al Khamissi is on board for the script. The film is coproduced with MISR International and will involve Egypt National Radio and Television (ERTU).

Amana Creative has a partnership with Media Life, a fast growing TV group based in Cairo; They together will develop and produce adaptations for the Middle East of major international TV formats and series. Through this partnership, Media Life has recently been appointed the exclusive agent in Egypt of TV giant Banijay.

Other projects of the Amana Creative include the coproduction in the Middle East of international films.

Chairman: Frédéric Sichler

Cairo, Egypt Office
35 Champillion St.
Downtown, Cairo
1st Floor, Apt. 5
Office number: +2 02 2578 2772
Fax: +2 02 2578 2789