Nordic Anthropological Film Association (NAFA) International Film Festival 2011
31ème édition. « People Over the Sea: Nordic and Scottish Perspectives »


August 29 – September 1, 2011
University of St. Andrews, Scotland (Ecosse, Royaume Uni)

Le festival de cinéma se tient en conjonction avec le Symposium qui a pour thème « People Over the Sea: Nordic and Scottish Perspectives » (« Les gens au-delà de la mer : perspectives nordique et écossaise »).

The film festival is held in conjunction with the symposium, but this does NOT mean that we only accept films on this theme! The festival itself comprises general screenings of ethnographic and documentary films chosen by a selection committee consisting of members of NAFA. NAFA has no rules re year of release – only that films should not have been previously submitted.

Nafa 2011::festival programme

29 August

Film screenings 1 (18.00-20.30)

Going for mackerel (R. Scott, F. Storaas & D. Perlov, 27 mins., Norway, 1999)
Return to the Brouck. The Audomarois Fenland forty years on (C. Piault, 52 mins., France, 2011)
The Fenland (Le Brouck) (C. Piault, 38 mins., France, 1972)

30 August
Film screenings 2 (15.00-16.50)

Uncle Oddvar and The Wave (A.K. Pedersen, 33 mins., Norway, 2011)
Uncle Joh still has a farm (T. Berge Ottersen, 50 mins., Norway, 2010)

Film screenings 3 (18.00-20.30)
Unity through culture (C. Suhr, T. Otto, 59 mins., Denmark, 2011)
The Kilt and the Kofta (B. Nesheim, K. Nicolaysen, work-in-progress, Norway, 2011)

31 August
Film screenings 4 (9.00-10.45)

White Sunshine Weather (A. Bonde Rolsted, 20 mins., UK, 2010)
Manenberg (K. Waltorp, C. Vium, 58 mins., Denmark, 2010)

Film screenings 5 (11.15-13.10)
The Cheesemakers (S. Fasolin, 99 mins., Switzerland, 2010)

Film screenings 6 (14.15-15.40)
Bitter Roots: the end of a Kalahari myth (A. Strong, 67 mins., UK, 2011)

Film screenings 7 (16.30-18.00)
Djeneba: the lifeworld of a Minyanka woman of southern Mali (Bata Diallo, 59 mins., Norway, 2011)

Film screenings 8 (18.50-20.15)
The Lover and The Beloved: A Journey into Tantra (A. Lawrence, 70 mins., UK, 2011)

1 September
Film screenings 9 (9.00-11.00)

Bea wants to know (R. Canals, 40 mins., Spain, 2010)
Ippo Ippo (Step by Step) (S. Wake, 47 mins., Norway, 2010)

Film screenings 10 (11.30-13.00)
Furriadroxus (Islanders) (M. Mossa, M. Trentini, 40 mins., Italy, 2006) Changes (A. Asare-Nyako, 30 mins., UK, 2010)

Film screenings 11 (14.15-15.45)
Other Europe (R. Schillaci, 75 mins., Italy, 2011)

Film screenings 12 (16.15-17.50)
Promise and unrest (A. Grossman, Á. O’Brien, 79 mins., Ireland, 2010)

Final film screenings (18.20-20.15)
Pink Saris (K. Longinotto, 100 mins., UK, 2010)

Film screening programme compiled by Peter I. Crawford (University of Tromsø) based on films selected by the NAFA 2011 Film Selection Committee: Peter I. Crawford (Denmark, Chairman), Knud Fischer-Møller (Denmark), Petia Mankova (Norway), Rossella Ragazzi (Norway), and Jan Ketil Simonsen (Norway).

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