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Musique Théâtre Cinéma/TV Littérature / édition Danse

Berit Madsen

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Monteur/se, Distributeur/trice


Né en 1964.


Born 1964.

Biographie: Berit Madsen is a social anthropologist and documentary filmmaker from Denmark.

Next Year Will Be Happy: Tibetan New Year in Exile (in production);

The Somalian Fiery Souls (Denmark, 35 min., 2007);

Damouré Talks About JAGUAR (Niger, 15 min, 2007);

I Live in the White Monastery (Nepal, 17 min., 2003);

My Father’s Prayer Room (Nepal, 8½ min., 2003);

The Day of 100.000 Butterlamps (Nepal, 11 min., 2003);

Ten Million Good Deeds. Düchen at the big Stupa in Kathmandu (Nepal, 26 min., 2003);

Difference in People. The Caste System in Nepal (Nepal, 23 min, 2002);

Why Dalit? (Nepal, 29 min., 2001);

We Have the Same Kind of Blood (Nepal, 41 min., 2001);

The Last Working Season of Mr. Madsen (Denmark, 58 min., 2000);

A La Moscowa (France, 21 min., 1991 – first prize at the Festival du Film et Grand Reportage, Lagne-Sur-Marne, Paris, 1992).
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