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Luxor African Film Festival – LAFF


Festival créé en 2012.

Président du Festival : Sayed Fouad


Established in 2012.
Festival President : Sayed Fouad
Who Are We

Independent Shabab Foundation

For the first time, an independent organization organises such a big and important event – usually government-run. Independent Shabab Foundation (ISF) www.Ishabab.org, a non-profit organization registered at the Ministry of Social Solidarity and active since 2006, runs the festival due to its belief in the importance of « Luxor African Film Festival » in linking up and networking with others in general and with Africa in particular. In addition to ISF team’s skills in theater, cinema and event management with a political dimension, media and marketing, they represented Egypt in several cultural events – nationally and internationally through their artistic projects.

ISF started working on the festival since mid 2010 and the fruits of our efforts resulted in numerous partnerships ranging from the Ministry of Culture in Egypt to International networks.
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