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LONG Métrage | 2011
Always Brando (Dima Brando)
Titre original : Quand tombent les étoiles [Working title] | Brando and Brando [Working title] | Citizen Brando) [Working title]
Pays concerné : Tunisie
Support : HDCAM
Durée : 84 minutes
Type : fiction


Anis aime Zina. Tout se passe pour le miuex jusqu’à ce qu’un réalisateur américain débarque et convainc Anis que sa ressemblance avec Marlon Brando fera de lui une étoile…

Anis ressemble à l’acteur Marlon Brando. Il rêve d’amour et d’horizons lointains. Un jour, le village se transforme en un lieu de tournage, où une équipe américaine s’installe pour tourner le film L’Atlantide

Un film de Ridha Behi

2011, Tunisie / France | Langues : arabe, anglais, français, sous-titré, 1h24 min., Couleur, HDCAM

Anis Raache (Anis), Christian Erickson (le réalisateur américain), Lotfi Al Abdelli, Soufiene Chaari, Souhir Ben Amara (Zina)

Réalisateur : Ridha Behi
Scénariste : Ridha Behi
Images : Martial Barrault
Directeur artistique : Toufik Behi
Monteuse : Kahena Attia
Son: Hashmi Joulak
Producteur : Ziad Hamzeh, Ridha Behi
Producteur délégué : Ridha Behi
Production Company: Alya Films

Contact copie : Ziad Hamzeh
Hamzeh Mystique Films,
email: [email protected]

Festival Cinémas du Sud 2012
Festival d’Abu Dhabi 2011


From the tender years of his youth, Ridha Behi would slink from school to the nearby movie theater and discover masterworks of the silver screen. It was then that he was smitten with the magnetism of Marlon Brando. Years later Behi, now an award-winning filmmaker, met Anis Raache, a young Tunisian actor who bears an uncanny resemblance to Brando. Inspired, he wrote a script casting the two. He attempted to contact the Hollywood legend for years and, through hopelessly circuitous channels, dispatched the screenplay to him. In 2004, Béhi received a phone call from Brando and was summoned to his hilltop mansion in Los Angeles to discuss the project. In the spring of that year, Behi spent days reworking the script with the dispirited star, but by summer, Brando’s health gave out and he died.

Always Brando elegantly blends the director’s chronicle of his real-life saga with Brando and the fictional story of Raache, a young Tunisian whose destiny veers toward tragedy once his resemblance to the star promises success and fame in Hollywood. Behi weaves in elements of the script Brando had signed on for prior to his death, namely the unvarnished reality of a penniless young Arab man in post-9/11 America. The result is at once a layered, loving, lucid elegy to cinema and the director’s naked, uncontrived meditation on the art and its trade, its imperious lure and the cruelty of its system – themes Behi eloquently explored to great critical acclaim in his previous feature, The Magic Box (2002).- Rasha Salti

Contains: Adult themes

A film by Ridha Behi

2011, Tunisia | Arabic, English, French | Arabic, English subtitles, 84 min., Color, HDCAM

Director: Ridha Behi
Producer: Ziad Hamzeh, Ridha Behi
Executive Producer: Ridha Behi
Screenwriter: Ridha Behi
Cinematographer: Martial Barrault
Art Director: Toufik Behi
Editor: Kahena Attia
Sound: Hashmi Joulak
Production Company: Alya Films
Cast: Anis Raache, Christian Erickson, Lotfi Al Abdelli, Soufiene Chaari, Souhir Ben Amara
Foreign Right Sales: Alya Films

Sales Contact: Ziad Hamzeh
Hamzeh Mystique Films, email: [email protected]
Print Contact: Ziad Hamzeh
Hamzeh Mystique Films, email: [email protected]

2011 | 5th Abu Dhabi Film Festival | Oct 13-22, 2011
* Middle East Premiere
* Narrative Competition
* Best Producer from the Arab World – Ziad Hamzeh and Ridha Behi,
« In recognition of their determination to realize their cinematic dream against all odds »
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