Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2006
Congo River – Vers la source
Pays concerné : République démocratique du Congo
Support : HD
Durée : 52 minutes
Genre : société
Type : série documentaire


2006, Congo, Documentaire, Français + Lingala + Swahili + anglais, sous-titré anglais, français

Réal : Thierry Michel

Prod : Christine Pireaux, Serge Lalou


Congo River: To the source
Following the explorer Stanley’s footsteps, the film takes us from the mouth to the source of the mighty Congo river, and up the world’s largest river basin. All along its 4,371 km we discover places that have seen and experienced this country’s turbulent history.

Archive materials remind us of people from African mythology who shaped and formed its destiny: colonisers like Stanley and Leopold II and African leaders like Lumumba and Mobutu.

This journey to the heart of Africa, beyond the shadows of tragedy and war, is a hymn to life just like the untameable vegetation that shrouds the river’s shores.

During the different stages of the journey, images from the banks tell of a people’s joys and suffering, of the celebrations and tragedies that punctuate the lives of canoeists, fishermen, merchants, travellers, military men, rebels, child soldiers, Mai Mai militia and brutalised women. We see an entire people in search of light and dignity along the course of this majestic river.

2006, Congo, Documentary, French + Lingala + Swahili + English, With English Subtitles, With French Subtitles

Dir: Thierry Michel

Prod : Christine Pireaux, Serge Lalou
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