Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2020
Ghofrane et les promesses du printemps [She had a dream]
Pays concerné : France
Durée : 90 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Ghofrane est une jeune femme noire de 25 ans, incarnant par ses engagements et sa liberté d’expression l’effervescence politique de la Tunisie d’aujourd’hui. Victime de discriminations raciales, elle décide de s’engager en politique au cours d’une année électorale cruciale pour son pays.

Entre ambitions et désillusions, nous suivons le parcours de Ghofrane, dont le chemin est parfois trébuchant. Cherchant à convaincre son entourage comme les inconnus qui croisent son chemin militant, la campagne électorale de Ghofrane nous révèle les multiples visages d’un pays qui se cherche.

Ce documentaire offre un éclairage unique sur le racisme en Tunisie, et la place des femmes dans une société tunisienne en pleine mutation.

Un film documentaire de Raja AMARI

Tunisie / France, 2020, documentaire, 1h30, portrait

avec Ghofrane Binous

She had a dream – TRAILER from Cineteve on Vimeo.

Pays de production : France
Pays de tournage : Tunisie

Raja Amari

Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, Estelle Mauriac (Cinétévé)

Raja Amari

Ventes dans le monde

Copie de projection

Un film documentaire de Raja Amari sélectionné pour l’IDFA 2020 en Première mondial dans la catégorie Frontlight.


She Had a Dream
As a Black woman from a working-class neighborhood in Tunisia, 25-year-old Ghofrane Binous has spent her whole life dealing with class inequality, racism, and sex discrimination. Following an extremely racist incident in 2018 while working as a flight attendant, she posted a cry for help on social media that was widely viewed, then joined a women’s movement and became politically active. The film follows this charismatic figure in the run-up to the 2019 national elections-during the turbulent campaign period, on the way to countless meetings, and in heated conversations with family members, friends, and party members.

The camera stays close to this young woman who is keen to perpetuate the myth of her own invulnerability-and maybe that’s exactly what she needs to do to rise to the top. The backdrop to her political ambition is a divided society where people have little confidence in their own democracy. Connecting it all is the voice-over in which Binous shares her vision of life, and her motivations for becoming politically active in a paternalistic, segregated society where women generally draw the shortest straw.

A documentary film by Raja AMARI

Tunisia / France, 2020, documentary, 1h30, portrait

with Ghofrane Binous

She had a dream – TRAILER from Cineteve on Vimeo.

Raja Amari

Fabienne Servan-Schreiber, Estelle Mauriac for Cinétévé

Raja Amari

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selected for the IDFA 2020 World Premiere in the Frontlight category.
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