Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 1989
Heritage Africa
Date de sortie en France : 00/00/0000
Pays concerné : Ghana
Support : DVD
Durée : 125 minutes
Genre : historique
Type : fiction


Situé durant le colonialisme anglais, Heritage Africa raconte l'histoire de Kwesi Atta Bosomefi, un homme qui a réussi sa vie à travers l'éducation scolaire et religieuse. Nommé Commissaire Régional Africain, Kwesi s'identifie aux Anglais qui dirigent son pays. Il rejette sa culture africaine et change jusqu'à son nom ainsi devient Quincy Arthur Bosomfield. Lorsque les travailleurs protestent contre leurs conditions de travail et de vie, Bosomfield prend le parti du pouvoir contre eux. Il trahira même sa famille en offrant à ses "amis", ce que celle-ci avait de plus précieux. ACTEURS : Kofi BUCKNOR (Bosomfield), Ian COLLIER (Snyper), Amina MISA (Theresa Bosomfield), Peter Whitbread (Gouverneur Sir Roger Guggiswood), Tommy Ebow Ansah (Kwame Akroma), Evans Oma Hunter (Francis Essien), Harry Owusu (Archiebold Bosomfield), Alexandra Duah (Ekua Atta Abokuma, mère de Bosomfield); Réalisateur : Kwaw P. ANSAH Scénario : Kwaw P. ANSAH Image : Rev. Chris Tsui HESSE Montage : Roger HAGON Son : Martin TREVIS 1989 : Prix Etalon de Yennenga au Fespaco 2000 : TENTH ANNUAL CASCADE FESTIVAL OF AFRICAN FILMS February/March 2000, Portland, Oregon, USA


Kwesi Atta Bosomefi, the perfect civil servant, rises through the educational and religious regimen of British colonialism, only to humbly rediscover his African heritage. Kswesi Atta Bosomefi's schooling and religious education have assured his social rise. Appointed African District Commissioner, Kwesi identifies himself with the English running his country. He goes as far as changing his name to Quincy Arthur Bosomfield. When the workers protest about their working conditions, Bosomfield sides with the ruling power against them. The film is a riveting exploration of the impact of colonialism in the Gold Coast (the colonial name for present-day Ghana) through its central character, a man named Kwesi ("Sunday-born") Atta ("a twin") Bosomefi ("an illustrious ancestor has been reborn"), who prefers to be called Quincy Arthur Bosomfield. The perfect product of colonial education, Bosomfield embraces English culture in all forms, rising within the colonial administration to become an African district commissioner (a rarity) and member of the black educated "elite." In the process, he abandons his African heritage and all that has real meaning to him. Only after a series of humiliating encounters, peppered with vivid recollections of his past and a frightening and revealing dream, does he reclaim his true identity and heritage. In English. Kwaw Ansah | Ghana 1989 | 2h05m | DVD | English and Fanti with English subtitles | PG directed by Kwaw P. Ansah, screenplay by Kwaw P. Ansah, cinematography by Chris Tsui Hesse, edited by Roger Hagon; with Kofi Bucknor (Bosomfield), Ian Collier (Snyper), Anima Misa (Theresa Bosomfield), Peter Whitbread (Governor Sir Roger Guggiswood), Tommy Ebow Ansah (Kwame Akroma), Evans Oma Hunter (Francis Essien), Harry Owusu (Archiebold Bosomfield), Alexandra Duah (Ekua Atta Abokuma, Bosomfield's mother); Winner of the grand prize at the 1989 FESPACO film festival, Heritage Africa is a drama about betrayal and gradual awakening. Five classical African movies were chosen specifically for the Cinetoile project at a meeting in Zanzibar and these are; Lumumba directed by Raoul Peck, (filmed in Zimbabwe), From A Whisper directed by Wanuri Kahiu (filmed in Kenya), Samba Traore directed by Idrissa Ouedraogo (filmed in Burkina Faso), Heritage Africa directed by Kwah Ansah (filmed in Ghana) and Mha-Saah Saah directed by Daniel Kamwa (filmed in Cameroon). For more information contact Charity Maruta on +263 4 792546, [email protected] The International Video Fair Trust, 1st Floor Annex- Travel Plaza, No. 20 Mazowe Street/ J. Chinamano Avenue, P.O Box A1451 Avondale, Harare or visit FESTIVALS / AWARDS / PRIX 2007 | Africa in Motion | EDINBURGH, Scottland | * Selection * UK Premiere 1989 | FESPACO film festival * Winner of the grand prize
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