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Kenneth Ambani

Acteur/trice, Producteur/trice


Kenneth Ambani has been in the acting industry for over 20 years. Kenneth was motivated to go into acting when he won his first award in class 3 in Busia Township Primary at a parent's day perfomance. Ever since, he has been on stage both singing and acting. When the producers of Tusharuiane spotted him and gave him a chance, it opened doors for his ambitions as an actor


He started his acting in Mombasa where his first role was in the TV play Tushauriane which won the Best actors Award at National Drama Festival. He then starred in the First English production that was aired on Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in Mombasa; Fatemakers.

Later, he approached KBC in Nairobi and produced a couple of short stories that lasted for roughly over 45 min. called Theatre Special with producer Mwaitu Kiseu.


Kenneth went on to take the role of ‘Baraza’ in the popular local drama in Kenya Tausi which begun to raise his star in the acting career. Ever since Tausi, Kenneth has produced numerous commercials and feature films such as "Dilemma in Tanzania, Naliaka is Going and From A Whisper where he played Inspector Abu. He has won several Awards as Best Supporting Actor in the Africa, 2 Academy Awards in 2009 and Best Actor in TAARIFA Film Festival.


He thereafter acted in several series’ namely; "Maisha" and Wingu La Moto Makutano Junction, Sin and MTV’s Shuga after which he was selected to act in the popular M-Net South African Television series Jacob's Cross in Season7 as Detective Abasu. One of his most recent roles has been on Nairobi Law which is currently airing

He also is a co-producer and an actor in Noose of Gold.


Kenneth is hopeful about the growth of the film industry in kenya in terms of quality productions and looks up to fellow actors as Raymond Ofula and Lizz Njagah.


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