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Stefano Knuchel

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Stefano Knuchel est né à Locarno (Suisse) le 09 septembre 1966.


Stefano Knuchel was born in Locarno on 9.9.66.

He spent his childhood and teenagehood traveling around Europe with his parents. He studied music, acting and dance, without attending mandatory school.
In 1987 he receives a diploma as a Big Band arranger from the Conservatoire de Fribourg with the illustrious arranger Francy Boland.
In 1988 he becomes a deejay for the youth channel of Swiss Radio, Rete 3. He becomes the chief interviewer, specialized in the cultural department.
in 1998 he transfers to Swiss television. He starts out as an author and host of an experimental program (TSX). A few months later he joins the news team as a cultural journalist, where he now works as journalist and film critic.
In 2001 he graduates in filmmaking from the prestigious « The Film & Photographic Workshop » of Rockport, Maine.
From 2008 he becomes responsible for the program « Fuoricampo », dedicated to original documentaries.
He composes music for theatre, in addition to television themes and pop and jazz music.
As an independent film director he directs various videoclips, winning in 2001 and 2006 the prize MEI di Faenza, under the category of best independent Italian video.
In 2004 he founds the production house « Venus and beyond ».

2004 « Nocaut »
Documentary, 75 minutes, 35mm.
Presented in competition at the Locarno Film Festival (winner of the prize of the press), Havana and Innsbruck.
International distribution by Fandango and Cecchi Gori in Italy

2005 « Paint Me a Life »
Documentary, 52 minutes, video HD.
The rebirth of East Timor after the civil war, seen through a singular school of Fine Arts.
In collaboration with the Nobel peace prize winner and prime minister of Timor José Ramos Horta. The film was presented as a Special Event

2007 « Locarno 60 »
Documentary, 120 minutes, video/35mm.
Celebration of the Locarno Film Festival’s history, presented in occasion of the Festival’s 60° edition.

2009 « Hugo in Africa »
Documentary, 91 minutes
Film Selected for the 66th Venice Film Festival (WORLD PREMIERE)
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