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Neema Kambona

Réalisateur/trice, Ecrivain/ne, Acteur/trice, Scénariste, Editeur/trice


Réalisatrice, actrice, écrivain, éditrice et journaliste tanzanienne.


A serial entrepreneur in the publishing, media and communications industry with a passion for film and theatre who has founded Diversity Business Magazine to be inspired and connect with other entrepreneurs making a difference.

Neema Kambona trained as a journalist in the UK and then became a professional theatre actress, working in UK and touring the USA, Canada and Jamaica with various productions. Neema has written and directed plays including The Right Thing (1988), which was staged at the Tricycle Theatre in London. In Tanzania, Neema has worked in television, producing news, current affairs and youth programmes. She also set up Andika Afrika Publishers. As well as developing film projects she now edits her online magazine Diversity Business « Wosia/The Will », a short in the African Tales series, marked her film directing debut. This was followed by « The Business Trip » which she wrote and directed.

2008 The Business Trip
2005 Wosia / The Will

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