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Philip Buyi Roy



Philip Buyi Roy est né le 15 Mars 1989 à Kampala, en Ouganda. « Armstrong ».
Figurant à l’âge de 16 ans dans le film « Le dernier roi d’Ecosse, il joue « Armstrong », l’un des rôles principaux, dans IMANI (Caroline Kamya, 2010).


Philip Buyi Roy was born on March 15th, 1989 in Kampala, Uganda. As a child, Philip watched his older brother act and was not only inspired, but inherited the necessary drive to achieve his goal. At the age of 16, Philip was cast as an extra in the highly successful film « The last king of Scotland ». This, he believes, opened his eyes to the world of film. The IMANI production, Philip claims, has changed his perception of film and acting; he believes he has gained the « art » in the craft. Philip, one of the first members of the Break dancing Project Uganda, is an avid music and dance fan citing his favorite genres as hip-hop and R+B. Having just finished his O’ Level examinations, Philip enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and learning new styles of dance. Playing « Armstrong » in IMANI (Caroline Kamya, 2010) is his first major film role.
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