Fiche Personne
Musique Théâtre Cinéma/TV

Maia Von Lekow

Chanteur/euse, Réalisateur/trice, Acteur/trice


Elle est chanteuse. Elle excelle dans les registres Electrique / Dub / Nu-Jazz.


Maia’s voice shows many an affinity with the female jazz vocalists of the 1930s and Soul and Folk music of the 1960s. Maia has been living abroad for the last eight years, accumulating a number of influences in her music. Starting from school choirs she then gradually found herself performing on the streets of Melbourne as well as collaborating with well known Melbourne bands such as Morph, Gooch smugglers and On the fly. Returning to Kenya she is working with Kenyan musicians performing in bars, private functions and doing numerous awareness campaigns such as the Korogocho slum campaign, and a UN based campaign on the awareness of Mathare and Kibera slums raising money for various schools in those areas. She is also working with performing artists in Kenya and composing songs for their art pieces. She has composed jingles for various advertisements in Kenya and Berlin, as well as taken part in a South African/canadian theatre production composing a song which will be sung in Eastern and Southern Africa raising awareness for such issues as rape, domestic violence and aids. Her latest song « Uko Wapi? » featured in the dramatic bomb scene in the film « From a Whisper » written and directed by Wanuri Kahiu. Her debut Album « DRIFT » is in pre-production to be released in December 2008.
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