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Sylvester And Abramz

Rappeur/se, Performeur/se


« Sylvester & Abramz » sont un duo majeur d’artistes hiphop d’Ouganda.


‘Sylvester & Abramz’ are some of the very few Uganda’s realest & illest hiphop artistes. This duo uses hiphop for positive social change. They started rapping in 1992 when they were still very young & have been at it until today.’Sylvester & Abramz’ is a VOICE that speaks for the voiceless. They use hiphop to speak for the people on the ground. They use hiphop as a tool to empower & uplift the Ugandan communities. They’re lyrics tackle issues that affect the Uganda societies such as Corruption, Poverty, Law self-esteem, Violence, Wars, Racism plus many many more because the list is endless. They have worked hand in hand with a number of local & international N.G.O’s which are working towards the same goals. They do what they feel is right for them & their people. They also give free hiphop classes to the youths & children plus teaching them how to express themselves through HipHop.
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