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Jahmil XT Qubeka

Réalisateur/trice, Acteur/trice, Scénariste, Directeur/trice de la photo, Monteur/se
Afrique du Sud


Réalisateur, directeur de la photo et monteur sud-africain.

A Small Town Called Descent (2010) est son premier long métrage de fiction (en solo), auparavant, il a coréalisé son premier long métrage de fiction uMalusi (2008), en tandem avec Mlandu Sikwebu.
Il réalise OF GOOD REPORT (2013), son troisième film. Film d’Ouverture au 34ème Festival de Durban (interdit de projection le matin même avant la séance), il est censuré en Afrique du Sud par la Commission de Classification des Films.


South African Film Director and Screenwriter.

Born in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, He works with New Brighton Pictures (Cape Town).
In 2005 « Talk to Me« , a long hour documentary on HIV/Aids which Qubeka directed for Sesame Street, won several awards, among them the prestigious Peabody Award for best actuality programming.
His first feature, uMalusi (2008), was made in tandem with Mlandu Sikwebu. The « was a success. Ster-Kinekor released it theatrically in South Africa » writes Shaun De Waal (« Mail & Guardian »).
A Small Town Called Descent (2010) is the second (considered as his « stylish debut feature » by many festivals and Film Critics, because he is alone as director) from talented South African director Jahmil XT Qubeka. The film follows three Scorpion agents in their investigation of xenophobic attacks that took place in a small town. A darkly humourous look at South Africa’s political dynamics, the film features powerful performances from the all-star cast of Vusi Kunene, Paul Buckby, Fana Mokoena and Isidingo’s Hlubi Mboya.
He directs OF GOOD REPORT (2013), the Opening Film at Durban FilmFest 2013 (a world premiere in Xhosa,, Sotho with English Subtitles) without screening: the movie was banned in the morning by the South Africa’s Film Classification board « saying the movie could not be classified or shown because it featured child pornography » (according to Danny Schechter, « The News Dissector »).
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