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Talal Al-Muhanna

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Il est Producteur (Linked Productions, Koweit).


Producer (Linked Productions, Kuwait).
Talal Al-Muhanna is a filmmaker and media/arts producer based between Germany and Kuwait. Since 1999, he has curated, managed and produced arts and media-based projects internationally in diverse places such as the United States, England, Ireland, France, Germany, Holland, Finland, India, China, Kuwait, Lebanon and Bahrain.
In 2008, Talal met filmmaker Iman Kamel while participating in the EAVE (European Audio Visual Entrepreneurs) ?Professional Coaching for Producers’ workshop hosted by Dubai International Film Festival – the result of which led the two filmmakers to collaborate on Kamel’s film project BEIT SHA’AR | NOMAD’S HOME.
Talal holds both a BA and MA in Film & Moving Image Production from
Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. and a Certificate in Fundraising from New York University. &
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