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Lisa Ray

Inde, Pologne


Actrice, née d’un père indien et d’une mère polonaise, elle a grandi au Canada.


Lisa Ray is an internationally acclaimed performer with a reputation for taking on challenging roles. Raised in Canada by an Indian father and Polish mother, she spent a decade modelling in India and dabbled in Indian films before moving to London to attend drama school. In her final semester she was offered a lead role in Deepa Mehta’s Oscar-nominated film « Water » (2005). This earned her the attention of the international film community. She has since been working in Canadian, American and European productions, demonstrating her range and defying conventional casting in her characterizations.

She was voted’Star of the Future’ at the 2002 Toronto International Film Festival for her role in Deepa Mehta’s Bollywood/Hollywood, one of the’Top Ten Most Beautiful Indian Women of the Millenium’ by the Times of India and won the Best Actress award for her role in « Water » by the Vancouver Film Critics Circle as well as numerous nominations for the same portrayal of a widow in India in the 1930s.

Recent roles include a stoic farm girl in Leonard Farlinger’s « All Hat » which premiered at Toronto Intl. Film Festival in 2007, a small town kindergarten teacher in Camelia Frieberg’s « A Stone Throw » and an Indian housewife in apartheid South Africa in the 50s in « The World Unseen » – marking her second collaboration with the director Shamim Sarif [after her first feature: « I Can’t Think Straight » as Tala, the main caracter]. Other projects include « Kill Kill Faster Faster », a Gareth Roberts project based on the novel by Joel Rose, the thriller « Seeking Fear » and the romantic comedy « Quarterlife Crisis ».

Lisa has a number of exciting projects in the works. She is currently reuniting with Deepa Mehta to shoot her latest film What’s Cooking with her Water co-Star Seema Biswas. She also just finished the CBC mini-series The Summit opposite Bruce Greenwood, Christopher Plummer and James Purefoy.

Lisa is based in Toronto and LA.

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