Fiche Personne

Anna Teeman

Producteur/trice, Scénariste


Productrice et scénariste britannique.


British Scriptwriter and Film Producer.

In 2006 former BBC political journalist, filmmaker and union activist Anna Teeman met a little known Zimbabwean artist Kudzanai Chiurai in London. She fell in obsessional love with the unlucky guy and followed him back to Johannesburg and formed End Street Productions with him. Kudzanai soon couldn’t stand her near him and after months of ignoring her asked her to pose as The White Queen in one of his now world famous works. She had never felt more invisible than in that photograph.

She knew she was living a story precisely of its time and place and when she met director Mpumelelo Mcata in a Johannesburg lift she realised he was living in the same film as her – BLACK PRESIDENT – partly the tale of Black President Kudzanai Chiurai and The White Queen Anna Teeman which is also the story of Europa finally seeing Africa and Africa’s patience running out.

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