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Nancy Wanjiku Karanja



Nancy Wanjiku Karanja est actrice kenyane.
Elle joue Amina, le rôle principal féminin dans NAIROBI HALF LIFE de Tosh Gitonga (2012).


Kenyan actress.
Starring in NAIROBI HALF LIFE by Tosh Gitonga (2012), as « Amina ».

Nancy Wanjiku Karanja is 24 and from Nairobi, describes herself as an outgoing but soft spoken individual, who values family and friends. Nancy started acting in 2004 at the age of 17 while in Kangaru Girls secondary school. After several acting roles, Nancy progressed into TV before recently making the step up into film – playing a feature role on the feature film « Nairobi Half Life » which debuts in local cinemas in 2012. Nancy has also appeared in the award nominated show Siri, where she plays the role of a tea picker named Tumi. Though some may view her as a common face in Kenyan living rooms, Nancy is just starting her career in acting and she has so much more to offer her fans in the future, all she has to say to her fans is to look out for her in the film, TV and theatre industry.

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