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Serah Mwihaki

Acteur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Coordinateur/trice


Actrice, Scénariste et productrice kényane.

Actrice dans le film DANGEROUS AFFAIR (2002) de Judy Kinbinge, Kenya, elle est co-Scénariste du film NAIROBI HALF LIFE de Tosh Gitonga (2012, Kenya).


Kenyan Producer, Writer and Actress.

She was born in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2000, Serah Mwihaki enrolled in Media Network College (Nairobi) where she studied Film and Television production for two years.

She did social documentaries (Devastation of HIV/Aids and Bomb Blast Orphans). She featured in DANGEROUS AFFAIR, by Judy Kinbinge (2002), in THE CONSTANT GARDENER, the Money or the Cross, Pumzika and Wingu la Moto.
Then she moved to Baraka Films as a production coordinator. She also served in the sales department of Kwani Publication before becaming a freelance producer specialising in fiction (with her own company Urbane Diaspora Productions).
Serah Mwihaki is the co-scriptwriter of NAIROBI HALF LIFE by Tosh Gitonga (2012).
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