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Ezzat Abou Ouf

Musicien/ne, Acteur/trice, Président/e


Dr. Ezzat Abou Ouf est acteur et musicien égyptien. Il est le Président du Festival du Cinéma du Caire (CIFF).


Country: Egypt
Language: Arabic

Egyptian actor and musician, born in an artistic family, his father was the musician Ahmed Shafik Abou Ouf, and his sister is the actress Maha Abou Ouf. He graduated from the faculty of Medicine, but practiced only for a short period, before establishing a musical group for western music, then in the late 1970s he formed an oriental musical group with his 4 sisters in the name of « Four M ». The « Four M » group released several singing albums and the musical theatrical show « Ashara Ala Bab El Wazir ».

His talent as an actor was discovered in 1994 when he played a role in the TV series « Al A’ela », then he participated in more than 50 TV series, the most important of which are: Ded El Tayar, Hawanem Garden City, El Taw’am, Zizinia, El Ragol El Akhar, Om Kolthoum, Bent Men Shobra, El Malek Farouk, El Daly, and Sheikh El Arab Hammam.

He participated for a long time with Adel Emam with a role in his theatrical play « Body Guard », he was appointed for as the president of Cairo International Film Festival, and he has several experiences in presenting TV programs.



عزت ابوعوف
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