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Krysteen Savane

Acteur/trice, Producteur/trice


Actrice et Productrice kényane. Elle est Directrice de Projets à SAFE (Nairobi).


Krysteen Savane is a Kenyan Actress and Project Manager (SAFE).

Krysteen is the Project Manager for SAFE Ghetto with responsibility for oversight of all tours and subsequent impact research conducted by the company. She has held this management and administrative role for 4 years, as well as working as part of the Senior Management team in determining SAFE Ghetto’s direction. In addition, Krysteen is an accomplished actress of both stage and screen, and has previously starred in Kenyan soap operas such as Asali on KTN, Maua on NTV, Heartbeat FM on KBC. She featured in the international film Soul Boy for which she was a nominee at the Kalasha Awards for Best Supporting Actress. She is from Nairobi.

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