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Gilbert Lukalia

Réalisateur/trice, Acteur/trice


He is a performing artist with over a decade’s experience in stage acting and directing, film acting & directing. Gilbert Lukalia, he has directed a number of feature films and TV-series in Kenya.

Lukalia grew up in a military family and began his career as an actor before stepping behind the camera. He has also worked in multiple different positions in the film industry: as an assistant director and producer. At the moment Lukalia works at the Nairobi based Dream House Productions, which produces theatre plays, music events, TV-series and films.

He is best known for The Marshal of Finland (2012), Lost in Africa (2010), The First Grader (2010), Orphan, Shattered and most recently Strength of  A Woman which received nine nominations at the 2014 Kalasha Awards and won four awards.

He has also acted in Strata, Soul Boy(2010) and Kidnappet (2010).

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