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Fémi Odugbemi

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Femi ODUGBEMI est un réalisateur, scénariste et directeur de la photographie nigérian. Il a été plusieurs fois primé. Il a été formé à la production cinématographique et audiovisuel à la Montana State University, (Bozeman, Etats-Unis).
Ancien Président de l’Association des Producteurs Indépendants de télévision du Nigéria (Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria), Femi Odugbemi a créé Irep, festival de film documentaire, avec le journaliste culturel et militant Jahman Anikulapo et le Directeur du Bureau du Cinéma de Lagos Makin Soyinka. Ils sont tous trois membres du West African Documentary Film Forum (WADFF).


FEMI ODUGBEMI is an award-winning filmmaker, writer and photographer.
Trained in Film & TV Production at Montana State University, Bozeman, United States, he worked for a couple of years as a Producer at KUSM Channel 9 TV station in Bozeman, Montana. Upon his return to Nigeria, he worked as Film & Radio Producer at Lintas Advertising and later as a Associate Creative Director at STB-McCann, Lagos. In these places, he wrote, directed and produced several notable documentaries, dramas and commercials.

Since 1999, he has worked as an Independent Producer/Director.
His screen credits include « Like father, like son » (a TV sitcom) « Who do you Love? » (SFH talkshow), « Who wants to be a Millionaire? » (Nigeria’s most popular gameshow), the recent « Lagos Lottery TV Gameshow, » the international documentary « Life in Lagos » for CFI in France, « Oui Voodoo »(a cultural documentary) « Metamorphosis » (a musical documentary on the life of the legendary Nigerian conductor Steve Rhodes) « Bar Beach Blues » a multiple-awards winning film, and « Maroko » a political full-length feature. In the last couple of years he has also produced « Mama Put » a New Direction short film and the critically-acclaimed documentary « Ibadan – Cradle of Literati. »
His current works includes « TINSEL, » MNET’s first soap-opera produced in sub-saharan Africa, the new direction short « Abobaku » and the new documentary titled « Bariga Boy ».

Between 2002 and 2006, Odugbemi was the President of the Independent Television Producers Association of Nigeria (ITPAN). In that capacity he also chaired the Lagos International Forum on Cinema, Motion Picture and Video in Africa, an international film festival that attracted participants and professionals from across the world. He served as well as an industry representative on the Steering Committee of the Motion Picture Council of Nigeria, (MOPICON) appointed by the Honourable Minister of Information and Communication. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the School of Media and Communications (SMC), Pan African University, Lagos, Nigeria. He is also an International Consultant of the Orange Academy.

Femi Odugbemi is Managing Director/CEO of DVWORX Studios Lagos.

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