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Théâtre Cinéma/TV Histoire/société
Sponsored Arts For Education initiative (S.A.F.E.)
Statut : Organisation non gouvernementale (ONG)
Adresse : PO BOX 1165 – 00502 Nairobi
Pays concerné : Kenya
Téléphone(s) : +44 (0)20 7025 7556


Nick Reding a créé S.A.F.E. en 2001 après avoir aidé à créer une clinique VIH/Sida à Mombasa.
S.A.F.E. est une ONG kényane et de Royaume Uni qui utilise le théâtre de rue, les films et les programmes communautaires afin d’éduquer, inspirer et produire un changement social sur une large palette de problèmes dont :
VIH/Sida * l’excision * les violences fondées sur le genre * l’accès à l’eau potable * les dommages causés à l’environnement.


Kenyan NGO Reg. OP.218/051/2006/0319/4288

S.A.F.E. is a Kenyan NGO and UK charity that uses street theatre, films and community programmes to educate, inspire and deliver social change on a range of issues, including:
HIV/AIDS * Female circumcision * Gender-based violence * Unsafe drinking water * Environmental damage

Nick Reding founded S.A.F.E. in 2001 after helping to establish an HIV/ AIDS clinic in Mombasa. Since then, he has been responsible for running S.A.F.E. as well as leading the artistic direction of all the teams and directing S.A.F.E.’s multi-award winning film Ndoto Za Elibidi (2010) and second feature film, Ni Sisi (2013).

– We featured in the Oscar-winning film The Constant Gardener and the ITV documentary Corrie Goes to Kenya

– Our first feature film Ndoto Za Elibidi – about HIV prevention and sexual violence – has won ten international awards.

– Our second film, Ni Sisi – about peace and Kenyan identity – was released in February 2013 to international acclaim.

– In 2009 we won The STARS Foundation’s Rising Star Award for excellence and impact in HIV/AIDS education

– In 2012, S.A.F.E. received an AfriComNet 6th Annual Award for Excellence in HIV and AIDS Strategic Communication in Africa.

Lily Cole, Actress, Activist and Model
Daniel Craig, Actor
Dodo Cunningham-Reid, Producer
Sabrina Guinness, Activist
Sir Ian Holm, Actor
Alan Rickman, Actor

Trustees (Kenya)
Wanuri Kahiu, Writer and Director (Chair)
Philip Coulson, Lawyer
Sheba Hirst, Producer and Presenter
Maggie Hobbs, Flower Farm CEO
Simon Horner, Director of Systems Kenya
Beatrice Karanja, Media and Communications Consultant
Eric Wainaina, Musician

Trustees (UK)
Clare Groom, Futures Trader (Chair)
Ugo Arinzeh, Real Estate Entrepreneur
Dr Michael Brady, Sexual Health Expert
Chipo Chung, Actress
Jonathan Kent, Theatre Director
Rachel Paxford-Jenkins, Sexual Health Expert
Jonathan Refoy, Corporate Affairs Director
Ian Warwick, Educator

S.A.F.E. HQ team
* Nick Reding, Founder and Executive Director
* Dan Karanja, Driver and Sound Technician
* Loise Wacira, Accountant
* Nancy Maina, Bookkeeper
* Sarah Kennedy, Development Director
* Teresia Mulandi, Programme Manager

S.A.F.E. in the UK
PO Box 68922
United Kingdom
Charity Number: 1097369