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Deux fils du Sénégal se sont rencontrés dans les couloirs de l’école d’art NYU Tisch à New York. Maba Ba et Mamadou Dia ont partagé leur amour pour la narration, l’humanité et leur pays d’origine. Ils ont décidé de faire équipe pour raconter des histoires qui montrent le monde sous un angle moins représenté. JoyeDidi était née.

JoyeDidi signifie Sept en Fulani, un chiffre auquel ils sont tous les deux profondément attachés.

Les fondateurs
* Mamadou DIA
* Maba BÂ

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traduit de l’anglais par Thierno I. Dia, le 17 sep 2019


Two sons of Senegal met in the hallways of NYU Tisch school of art in New York City. Maba Ba and Mamadou Dia shared their love for storytelling, humanity and their birth country. They decided to team up to tell stories that show a view of the world from their underrepresented perspective. JoyeDidi was born.

​JoyeDidi means Seven in Fulani, a number they both connect to deeply.

The Founders
* Mamadou DIA
* Maba BÂ


The Stories

Samedi Cinema
In a small town in the north of Senegal, two young avid cinephiles Baba and Sembene are desperate to see a movie on the big screen of their local cinema before it closes its door forever.

Taxi Cab Teranga
A day in the life of Omar, a Senegalese taxi driver in New York City, who learns that any day could be his last.

#WarGames Season 1: You shape the story as Kelly and her clan of misfit hackers transform from pranksters to international hacker celebrities, taking on the powers that be under the handle #WarGames.

Men or Mice
What are you afraid of? A quiet night at home turns into an evening of terror.

Adam, a young fashion designer in New York City in the verge of giving up his passion meets Eva, A young photographer full of life and passion who help him have a new outlook on life.

In the Works

Amra: Ep1. Houserules
Amra, a socially anxious Senegalese immigrant is forced to turn his Brooklyn brownstone into a bed and breakfast in order to save his mortgage until he finds new revenue stream. With his back against the wall, Amra looks for any option available even if it means risking it all.



Mamadou Dia

Mamadou Dia is a Senegalese director and director of photography currently based in New York, where he completed his MFA in Filmmaking at Tisch School of the Arts (NYU) in 2017. Shaped by this training and his experience working as a video-journalist for over eight years across the African continent, his stories explore the fine balance between fiction and fact, narrative and documentary. His latest short, Samedi Cinema (2016), premiered at the Venice International Film Festival and the Toronto International Film Festival. In the past year, it has been featured in over 70 festivals around the world and won a dozen awards. Nafi’s father is his first feature script. On the basis of this script, he was selected to attend the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival’s Talent Writing Lab and was awarded a writing grant from the Hubert Bals fund.