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Hubert Bals Fund
Adresse : International Film Festival Rotterdam Karel Doormanstraat 278 B Attn: Hubert Bals Fund P.O. Box 21696 3001 AR ROTTERDAM
Pays concerné : Pays-Bas
Téléphone(s) : +31 10 890 90 90
Fax : +31 10 890 90 91


Le Fonds Hubert Bals est destiné à apporter un soutien à la production aux longs métrages documentaires qui présentent un caractère remarquable et urgent, réalisés par des cinéastes novateurs et talentueux des pays en développement

Le Fonds existe depuis 1988 et a soutenu près de 600 projcts venat de réalisateurs indépendants d’Asie, du Moyen Orient, Europe de l’Est, Afrique et Amérique Latine. Approximativement 80% de ces projets ont été réalisés ou en cours de production. Chaque année, l’IFFR (festival de Rotterdam) sélectionne et projecte les films soutenus par le fonds.


The Hubert Bals Fund is designed to bring remarkable or urgent feature films and feature-length creative documentaries by innovative and talented filmmakers from developing countries closer to completion. The HBF provides grants that often turn out to play a crucial role in enabling these filmmakers to realize their projects.

Although the Fund looks closely at the financial aspects of a project, the decisive factors remain its content and artistic value. Since the Fund started in 1988, close to 600 projects from independent filmmakers in Asia, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Africa and Latin America have received support. Approximately 80% of these projects have been realised or are currently in production. Every year, the IFFR screens completed films supported by the Fund.

Grants and selection rounds
Annually, the Hubert Bals Fund has close to €1.2 million at its disposal and is able to make individual grants of up to €10,000 for script and project development, €20,000 for low budget digital production, €30,000 for post-production or €15,000 towards distribution costs in the country of origin. Selection rounds take place twice a year, with application deadlines on March 1 and August 1.

Hubert Bals Fund Plus
Additionally, in order to offer Dutch producers the possibility to get involved more often in international productions, and to support the ‘Hubert Bals Fund projects’ in the stage of actual production, the Hubert Bals Fund Plus has been set up by the Dutch Film Fund and the Hubert Bals Fund of the Film Festival Rotterdam. In 2006 the Dutch Film Fund has made € 200.000 available for the Hubert Bals Fund Plus. Applications can be granted with a maximum of € 50.000.

Training, workshops, the Hubert Bals Fund Award
The Fund also support special projects, such as training initiatives for filmmakers in developing countries. At the Hong Kong, Manilla, Sarajevo, Carthage and Jakarta film festivals or markets, the Hubert Bals Fund participates in script workshops. On these occasions, Hubert Bals Fund Awards are made to the most promising film projects.

Hubert Bals Fund supported films at the International Film Festival Rotterdam
Each edition, the International Film Festival Rotterdam screens a large part of the year’s harvest of completed films supported by the fund. Hubert Bals Fund supported films may be selected in Competition or the Sturm und Drang, Time and Tide or other sections.

Hubert Bals Fund supported films at major international film festivals
Over the years, the interest for HBF supported films steadily increased. Many international film festivals keep a close eye on completed HBF supported films and select them for their programmes. In 2006 and 2007, HBF supported films screened at, among others, the Cannes, Venice, Locarno, Toronto and Pusan film festivals.

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