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BinAm Studios
Adresse : BUEA
Pays concerné : Cameroun
Téléphone(s) : +(237) 70 20 90 31 | (00 237) 77 68 94 89


BinAm Studios (Biniray Jr, Arts & Multimedia Studios) a été créé par Monsieur Assoua Achille Brice Eteki.


BinAm Studios (Biniray Jr, Arts & Multimedia Studios) was created by Assoua Achille Brice Eteki. A young and Multi-Talented Lad doing Video Editing for BinAm Studios and Freelance for Genesis Picture & H.B.V among others. He was selected as a Talent for the Berlinale Talent Campus Febuary 2008 and Feb. 2009, Germany and the Durban First Talent Campus edition, July 2008 – South Africa. He is a receiver of the Akademie Schloss Solitude Fellowship Program Grant.

BinAm Studios is working with talented and dedicated young people in Buea – CAMEROON (West Africa) for the growth of the audio visual sector. We are much concern with Movie making and Sound arrangement for Movie & Recording Artists. Although most of our Personnels are amateurs on their tasks, our team still remains the best, the angolophone Cameroon Film Industry can boost of.

Our aim is to join efforts and make our country proud. Our staffs / Members are composed of University Students as well as youths ready to deliver their best. Not leaving out some the professionals in the Anglophone Cameroon Film Industry. This is equally a means to fight against poverty and the lack of jobs in the country.

BinAm Studios’ Staffs have worked on top Movies/Films made by the Anglophone Cameroon Filmmakers such as: LUXURY, WOMAN’s SCAR & MONEY CASE by Genesis Pictures. LEATHER GANGSTERS, RETRIBUTION and FATE WHY? by GOHFA Creations, and the new « A WOMAN’s WORLD » by Elegant Sisters Production. Our young team worked on this projects as: Editors, Visual Fx & SFx and Sound Composers.