Durban FilmMart (DFM) 2016
7th Durban FilmMart


The Durban FilmMart (DFM) is a finance and co-production market which aims to create partnerships and further the development and production of film on the African continent. It’s a co-production between the film industry development arm of the city of Durban and the Durban International Film Festival (DIFF), South Africa’s largest and longest-running film festival and a flagship project of the Centre for Creative Arts (University of KwaZulu-Natal). This collaboration brings to Africa, growth, recognition and the opportunity to develop strategic relationships between film financiers and African filmmakers. The Durban FilmMart continues to raise the visibility of African cinema, stimulate production, and facilitate project collaboration between African filmmakers.

2016 Official Project Selection


Dungeon Keepers – South Africa.
Producer: James Walsh
Director: James Walsh

For Your Precious Love – South Africa.
Producer: Stevan Buxt, David Heitner
Director: Keith Jones

Hatim’s Dream – Uganda.
Producer: Nathan Magoola
Director: Matthew Bishanga

Lift like a Girl – Egypt.
Producer: Mayye Zayed
Co-producer: Moritz Helmes
Director: Amrosh Badr

Spirits of the Karoo – South Africa.
Producer: Zinzi Nkenene
Directors: Engelbert Phiri and Zinzi Nkenene

Testament – Kenya.
Producer: Meena Nanji,
Directors: Meena Nanji and Zippy Kimundu

The Letter – Kenya.
Producers: Maia von Lekow and Chris King,
Directors: Maia von Lekow and Chris King

Voetsak! Us, Brothers? – South Africa.
Producer: Trish Urquhart, Co-producer: Sean Moloi,
Director: Andy Spitz

Where we Belong – Ghana/South Africa.
Producer: Osei Owusu Banahene.
Director: Ben Johnson

Wizard of Zim – South Africa.
Producers: Lesedi Oluko Moche and Carolyn Carew,
Director: Samora Sekhukhune


Abnormal Loads – South Africa.
Producer: Elias Ribeiro, Cait Panesgrouw.
Director: Neil Coppen

Disco Afrika – Madagascar.
Producer: Razanajaona Ambinintsoa Luck,
Executive Producers: Herizo Rabary and Ludovic Randriamantsoa,
Director: Razanajaona Ambinintsoa Luck

Down and Dirty – South Africa.
Producers: Damir Radonic and Angie Mills,
Director: Angie Mills

Headland – South Africa.
Producer: David Horler,
Director: Elan Gamaker

Imprisoned – South Africa.
Producer: Suda Sing,
Director: Jayan Moodley

Inga, Inge – Zimbabwe.
Producer: Veronique Doumbe,
Director: Tsitsi Dangarembga

People You May Know – South Africa.
Producer: Laurence Hamburger,
Director: Zandile Tisani

The Mango Tree that Danced with Sea Breeze – Kenya.
Producer: Lungeleni Zondi,
Director: Phillippa Ndsi-Herrmann

Un Fils – Tunisia.
Producer: Habib Attia,
Director: Mehdi M. Barsaoui
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