African Film Festival, Brooklyn 2005
Burkina Faso / France / Ivory Coast / Rwanda


MAY 26th 6:50pm & 9:15pm.
Kounandi, Apolline Traore, Burkina Faso, 2003, 49 min.
Orphaned and rejected by her village for being a dwarf, Kounandi falls in love with Karim, a kind-hearted man who aids her. However, he is already married…

About Braids/Histoire de tresses, Jacqueline Kalimunda, Rwanda, 23min.
A magical encounter between a mysterious young woman and a gifted African hair-braider who is asked to recreate a completely unconventional style.

For the Night/Pour la Nuit, Isabelle Boni-Claverie, France/Ivory Coast, 2004, 20min.
On the eve of her mother’s funeral and on the night before his wedding day, both Muriel and Sam try to find comfort in the face of monumental changes, even if that comfort only lasts « For the Night ».

Nigeria FRIDAY, MAY 27th – 6:50pm & 9:15pm
BAMcinematek at BAM Rose Cinemas 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn
Dirt for Dinner, Branwen Okpako, Nigeria/Germany, 2000, 75 min.
This documentary tries to find out how the former East Germany’s first black cop and posterboy for diversity ends up becoming a criminal serving a ten-year jail sentence.

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SUNDAY, MAY 29th – 2pm & 6:50pm BAMcinematek at BAM Rose Cinemas 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn
Agogo Eewo, Tunde Kelani, Nigeria, 2002, 100 min.
In Kelani’s prize-winning sequel to Sawaroide, Jogbo’s new ruler surprises the corrupt chiefs who install him by leading a charge to return fairness and honesty to the government.
Tickets Price: — Box office phone: 718.636.4100
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