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MOYEN Métrage | 2010
Living skin – جلد حىّ
Titre original : Original Title: Jald Hayy
Pays concerné : Égypte
Durée : 56 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Shusho et Muhammad Farag sont deux enfants, presque du même âge vivant et travaillant dans le monde des tanneries. Le premier travaille sur une charette (tirée par un cheval ou un âne) et le second est ouvrier dans l’une des tanneries. A travers leurs histoires, nous voyons un groupe de jeunes enfants travailleurs de différents métiers…

Un film de Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

Egypte, 2010, Documentaire, 56 mins. HDCAM

Réalisateur/Scénariste : Fawzi Saleh / فوزى صالح

Director Fawzi Saleh’s debut feature, Living Skin is an unflinching investigation into the dire living and working conditions of children employed in the manufacture of natural leather products in Cairo. The film is set in Magra el-‘Uyun, a neighborhood in the heart of the old city that claims an impressive aggregation of slaughterhouses, and where more than half of the 80,000-strong labor force – a large proportion of whom are children under 15 – is unregistered.
Poverty, homelessness and the threat of starvation push droves of children in Egypt to leave school and give up their ambitions and their dreams of living with even a modicum of security, let alone dignity or the rarefied privilege of shaping their own destinies. They are absorbed into the ravenously labor-hungry, ruthlessly unsupervised manufacturing sectors, living their childhood on the physically draining production line, handling dangerous chemicals like sodium sulfate, sulfuric acid, and hydrogen peroxide without appropriate protection.
Living Skin is a poignant reference to these tannery workers, who « process’ the skin of livestock after they have been « processed’ in slaughterhouses – and whose own living skin is exposed to the same chemical regimen as the skin of dead livestock. Saleh’s foray into socially engaged documentary cinema is uninhibited. It commands our undivided attention. – Rasha Salti

Prod : Al Batrik Production (Mahmoud Hemeida, producteur) / البطريق للانتاج الفنى – محمود حميدة
avec le soutien de SANAD FILM FUND


Shusho and Muhammad Farag are two children, almost in the same age living and working in the tanneries space the first works on a cart (dragged with a horse or a donkey) and the second is a worker in one of the tanneries, through their stories we see a group of children working in different careers…

A film by Ahmed Fawzi Saleh

Egypt, 2010, Documentary, 56 mins. HDCAM

Original Title: Jald Hayy
Director: Fawzi Saleh
Egypt | Arabic
2010 | 56min. | Colour
Subtitles: English
Format: HDCAM

Prod: Al Batrik Production – Mahmoud Hemeida

Eman Hamedda

Executive Producer
Shaymaa Yehia

Director: Fawzi Saleh

Fawzi Saleh

Mohamed Samir

Yousef Baroud

Mohamed Fawzi

Production Company
Al Batrik Art Production

with the support of SANAD FILM FUND


DOK.fest International Munich documentary film festival (May-2011)
* Official selection

HotDocs Canadian international documentary film festival (April-2011)
* Official selection

Tetouan International Mediterranean Film Festival (March-2011)
* Official selection
* Winner (Best First Work)

Documentary Edge Film Festival (February-2011)
* Official selection World Cinema

Abu Dhabi International Film Festival (October-2010) –
(World premier)
* Official selection New Horizons
* Jury Special Mention Award


طفال يعيشون و يعملون بالمدايغ ، من خلال حكاياتهم نتعرف على الظروف المعيشية اللاإنسانية التى يحياها سكان و عاملى المدابغ وسط المواد الكيماوية شديدة الخطورة و الضرر على الإنسان و البئة.

Documentary/ وثائقى
56 mins. HDCAM

Directed by Fawzi Saleh / فوزى صالح
Written by Fawzi Saleh /فوزى صالح
Produced by AlBatrik Art Production by Mahmoud Hemaida / البطريق للانتاج الفنى – محمود حميدة

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