Fiche Film
MOYEN Métrage | 2010
Pays concerné : Mozambique
Durée : 30 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Réal: Dario « Mickey » Fonseca, Mozambique, 2010


Ermelinda, a nurse working at the Maputo Central Hospital finds out she is pregnant and decides to leave her abusive and alcoholic husband,Jerry (a small time real estate agent). On the bus home to fetch her son, Nelito, something happens that puts her decision and humanity in question.

A patient and forgiving woman finally decides to leave her abusive husband and make a new life with her young son. However on the day of her decision, a terrible series of events unfolds, splitting them further apart than ever.

A film by Dario « Mickey » Fonseca,

Mozambique 2010, Short, 30mins, in Portuguese with English subtitles, Video,

Jerry – Mario Mabjaia
Ermelinda – Edna Jaime
Nelo – Vitor Guambe
Moises – Azagaia

Produced by: Antonio Forjaz & Mickey Fonseca
Writen by: Mickey Fonseca
Directed by: Mickey Fonseca
Photography by: Antonio Forjaz
Editing by: Antonio Forjaz

Shot in 6 days of September 2009, in Maputo. We used a RED One Camera, with Zeiss Prime lenses, 1.6. It was a fast paced shoot, as we had many different locations to shoot, very little money, and a very inexperienced crew. It was the film that came to give the name for our company, and the start of our long time dreams. It was finaced mainly by our selves, and by 3 grants, one from 3Continentes Festival, in which we came second, by a grant we won from the Mozambican Cineastes Association AMOCINEand by a Grant from the Gothe Institute Johannesburg. We worked with Mario Mabjaia, Edna Jaime and Azagaia as the main characters in the film. All post production was done at our own Post Production facilities in Maputo.

The film has been nominated for best short in the following competitions:
AMAA (Nigeria) Nominated for Best African Short Film
TARIFA (Spain)
Aguilar del Campoo (Spain)
Festival Du Film D’Afrique et des Iles (Reunion Isalnd)
XXX Festival Cinema Africano (Verona, Italy)
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