Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2012
Un homme d’honneur (Insanon Charif)
Pays concerné : Liban
Durée : 91 minutes
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Le crime d’honneur est une coutume qui sévit toujours au Moyen-Orient dans certaines tribus : une jeune fille soupçonnée d’avoir perdu sa virginité avant le mariage entache l’honneur de sa famille ; elle doit être éliminée. Le frère ou le père exécutent la sentence. « L’homme d’honneur » est ici Brahim, qui sauve une jeune fille condamnée en tuant son bourreau. Dix-huit ans plus tard, il revient sur les lieux du drame.

Durée : 1h31min

Genre : Fiction LM

Thèmes : crime d’honneur, condition féminine, tradition

Année : 2012

Pays : Liban / France / Qatar

Réalisateur : Jean-Claude CODSI

Format : 35mm, 1.85

Production : Aflam Films, Synex, MACT Productions –


A Man of Honor
Set in Lebanon and Jordan, A MAN OF HONOR is the story of passion, betrayal and the many facets of human nature. Brahim has a chance encounter with a mysterious woman he knew 20 years ago. Because of her, he committed a murder and now has to return home to face his tumultuous past.

Brahim sells cars in his « Brahim Auto Park » located in Lebanon. Apart from his secretary and his clients, he is in contact with nobody. He lives a lonely life. Brahim has a chance encounter with Leila. Because of her, he committed a murder 20 years ago in Jordan. He was forced to play dead and flee incognito to Lebanon, leaving behind his wife and son who think he « died a hero ». His encounter with Leila makes him go back to Jordan and face his past and his people.
A MAN OF HONOR recounts the journey of a man struggling against his ossified tribal community. Where group cohesion comes first, how is it possible to defend individual rights, especially when that individual is a woman? Forced to deal with reality and myths, with shame, revenge and honor crimes, how far will Brahim go in order to regain his dignity?

A film by Jean-Claude Codsi

Feature Narrative / Lebanon, France, Qatar / 2011 / 91 min / Colour / HDCAM / In Arabic, English / Arabic, English subtitles / Genre: Drama

Majdi Machmouchi, Caroline Hatem, Mahmoud Said, Chadi Haddad, Rana Khalil, Bernadette Hodeib

Directed by Jean-Claude Codsi

Jean-Claude Codsi

Michel Ghosn

Carine Doumit

Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre

Toufic Farroukh

Michael Lagerwey

Majdi Machmouchi, Caroline Hatem, Mahmoud Said, Chadi Haddad, Rana Khalil, Bernadette Hodeib

AFLAM FILMS (Jean-Claude Codsi)

Aflam Films

Tags: Loneliness / Middle East / Relationship
Interests: Drama, Social Issues, Mystery

* World Premiere
* Screening: Fri, Oct 28, 09:00 PM
* Screening: Sat, Oct 29, 12:30 PM
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