Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2006
Still Life
Jia Zhang-ke
Titre anglais : Still Life
Date de sortie en France : 02/05/2007
Pays concerné : Chine
Réalisateur(s) : Jia Zhang-ke
Avec : Jia Zhang-ke, Han Sanming, Zhao Tao, Matilde Incerti
Durée : 108
Genre : drame
Type : fiction


Ville de Fenjge, vallée des Trois Gorges, en amont du plus grand barrage du monde.
Sam Ming fait le voyage dans la region pour retrouver son ex-femme et sa fille qu’il n’a pas vu depuis seize ans.
Aujourd’hui, l’immeuble, la rue, le quartier où elles ont vécu ne sont plus qu’une tache verte engloutie sous les eaux du barrage.
Dans la même ville, Shen Hong cherche son mari disparu depuis deux ans.
Au coeur d’un gigantesque chantier qui entraine la destruction de villages entiers et les déplacements de population, un homme et une femme partent à la recherche de leur passé, en quête de leurs amours perdus.

Hong Kong, Chine, 2006

Jia Zhang-ke

Jia Zhang-ke
Sun Jianmin
Guan Na

Zhao Tao………………Shen Hong
Han San-ming………..Sam Ming
Wang Hong-wei……….

Directeur de la Photographie
Yu Lik-wai

Kong Jin-lei

Lim Giong

Directeurs artistiques
Liam Jindong
Liu Qiang

Directeurs de production
Chow Keung
Dan Bo
Ren Zhonglun

Sociétés de Production
Xstream Pictures Limited
Shanghai Film Group

Ventes mondiales
Memento films

Distributeur Hollande
A-Film Distribution

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Memento films

1h48 min

Formats : 35mm, 1.85 dolby SRD
Sortie en france : 02/05/2007
N° Visa : 117 841

Attachée de presse : Matilde Incerti


IFFR Rotterdam, Hollande, 2007
> Sélection

63ème Mostra – Festival de Venise 2006
> Lion d’or


In one of the towns that will disappear under water through the rising waters of the gigantic Three Gorges Dam, a man is looking for the woman he deserted years ago and the woman is looking for her missing husband. Alongside a brilliant exercise in filming with high-definition, an emotional and social masterpiece. See also Dong.

Jia Zhang-ke, the young chronicler of a changing China, has so far shot his films in Beijing and the province of Shanxi. For Still Life, one of the masterpieces of this last year, he went to Sichuan, where the gigantic Three Gorges Dam in the Yangtze River is approaching completion. He came back with two films: Dong […], regarded as a documentary, and the complex, metaphorical and formally challenging Still Life.The backdrop is the city of Fengjie, large areas of which have already been demolished. Soon, rising water will swallow up everything. The destruction is shown in occasionally overwhelming realistic images (this is a film that uses HD as the Way and the Truth and not as a cheap replacement for celluloid). In this hell made by human hands, the symbol of a society that cannot wait to exchange the last remnants of history for’progress’, we follow two narrative lines. A miner from the North (Han San-ming) is looking for his wife (and daughter), whom he hasn’t seen for 16 years. And a woman from Shanghai is looking for her husband so she can ask him for a divorce.Much more than the fragmented developments as they reached the viewer – almost optimistic in their results – it is the landscape and the (workers’) bodies that are the real subject of the’feature’ of which the Chinese title means’The Good People of the Three Gorges’. (GT, IFFR 2007, Holland)

Hong Kong, China, 2006

Jia Zhang-ke

Jia Zhang-ke

Han San-ming, Zhao Tao, Wang Hong-wei

Yu Lik-wai

Kong Jin-lei

Lim Giong

Production companies
Xstream Pictures Limited, Shanghai Film Group

Memento films

NL A-Film Distribution

Print source
Memento films


Formats : 35mm, 1.85 dolby SRD

French release : 02/05/2007

N° Visa : 117 841

Attaché de presse : Matilde Incerti


2008 | SIFF – Seattle Film Festival | SEATTLE, Usa |
* Contemporary World Cinema

2007 | IFFR Rotterdam, Holland
> Selection

2006 | Venice Film Festival
> Golden Lion