Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2007
Morgane Ahmed Morgane – مرجان أحمد مرجان
Ali Idrees
Titre anglais : Marjan Ahmad Marjan
Pays concerné : Égypte
Réalisateur(s) : Ali Idrees
Avec : Mervat Amin, Adel Imam, Youssef Maâti, Mervat Amine, Bassma, Sherif Salama, Ahmed El Saadani
Durée : 110
Genre : comédie
Type : fiction


Morgan est un vieux homme d’affaire intelligent mais il n’a pas fait d’études supérieures. Pour faire face au grand trust, il décide de retourner à l’université où ses enfants étudient. C’est une nouvelle étape dans sa vie qui bouleverse ses principes. Lui qui pense que tout peut s’acheter, réalise que le savoir ne s’achète pas (facilement).

Un film de Ali Idris

Egypte, 2007, Fiction, 1h50, comédie

Avec Adel Imam, Mervat Amine, Bassma, Sherif Salama, Ahmed El Saadani

Réalisateur : Ali Idris
Scénario : Youssef Maati

Adel Imam: Morgan Ahmed Morgan
Mervat Amine, Bassma, Sherif Salama, Ahmed El Saadani

Produit et distribué par Good News.


Morgan Ahmed Morgan’s a rich man; he’s lost count of the number of companies he owns but knows he owns half the city! In Egyptian society, money and fame can get you places and can also get you out of places. On a feel to run for parliament Morgan’s children dare him to go back to school to get a college degree to prove and make him comprehend that money and power are not man’s savior. His opponent in Parliament is ironically a Female « Dr. Jihan Mourad, » a college professor and a Liberal! What happens when his own children are routing for his opponent? When a fifty year old man sets foot in a college class room? Will his favorite companions – money, power and fame – get him out of this one? Will his very beliefs and ideals be changed? Or will his old ways prevail? Corruption is a worldwide plague, but in Egypt – with Morgan – corruption is an art… one that he has mastered!

Morgan Ahmed Morgan, played by Imam, is a wealthy and successful businessman, whom is forced by his kids to join university to get a degree. As a man who doesn’t take no for an answer, he leads the university football team to win. He can’t afford to be beaten in front of his children, played by Sherif Salama and Bassma, and his sweetheart and archenemy at the same time, star Mervat Amin.

A film by Ali Idris

Egypt, 2007, Fiction, 110mins, comedy

Directed by Ali Idris
written by Youssef Maati
Produced and distributed by Good News.