Fiche Film
COURT Métrage | 2002
Uno’s world
Bridget Pickering
Pays concerné : Namibie
Réalisateur(s) : Bridget Pickering
Durée : 26
Type : fiction


Uno, jeune mère célibataire dans une capitale africaine, essaye d’y trouver sa place mais confrontée aux responsabilités de la maternité elle sera amenée à faire des choix.

Réalisatrice : Bridget Pickering

2002, Namibie, Fiction, 26 min


Uno (Sophie David), a sexually inexperienced young woman, gets involved with a womanizer, Kaura (Muhindua Kaura), which leads to an unplanned pregnancy. When Kaura refuses to take responsibility for their child, and starts avoiding Uno, she leaves the baby in the care of her mother and goes to dangerous lengths to track Kaura down.

Directed by Bridget Pickering

2002, Namibia, Fiction, 26 min

Part of the Mama Africa series
Screened on PBS and had a 21 country cinema release