Fiche Film
LONG Métrage | 2007
Recycle (Recyclage)
Titre original : Takrir [original title]
Pays concerné : Jordanie
Durée : 80 minutes
Genre : portrait
Type : documentaire


Ayant perdu ses illusions dans le chaos afghan des années 80, Abou Ammar tente de conjurer la confusion qui s’empare de lui en écrivant un livre sur le Jihad. Malgré sa richesse documentaire et sa modération, son ouvrage ne trouve pas d’éditeur. Il continue cependant à essayer de retrouver une vie normale dans une ville appauvrie et désormais connue comme le lieu de naissance d’Al Zarkaoui, leader d’El Qaida en Irak. Alors que ses efforts restent vains et que les habitants ont les yeux tournés ver la situation
politique au Moyen-Orient, Abou Ammar s’apprête à prendre une décision qui va changer sa vie.

de Mahmoud al Massad
Jordanie-Pays-Bas/2007/1h18 min

Réalisateur : Mahmoud al Massad
Scénario : Mahmoud al Massad
Image : Mahmoud al Massad
Son : Ali Ammar
Musique : Dhafer Youseef
Montage : Anwar Haddad, Sammy Chekhes
Production : Mahmoud al Massad, Leanne Westerink (iSee Film Productions), Paul Augusteijn, Omar Massad (Jo Image), Irit Neidhardt (Mec Film), Jackie Sawiris
Interprète : Ali al Azzam (Abou Ammar), Ahmad Thaher, Abou Baker al Azzam, Izadein al Azzam, Ammar al Azzam


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Zarqa is Jordans second largest city and birthplace of Abu Musa al Zarqawi, the brutal leader of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia before being killed by American forces in 2005. Many in town knew al Zarqawi and Zarqa continues to be a source of new recruits to the jihadist cause. There, Abu Amar, an ex-mujahideen struggles to reconcile his faith and reality. But he faces setbacks at every turn as he is forced to collect cardboard in the streets of Zarqa, an occupation barely sustaining his family.

Abu Amar found himself disillusioned with the chaos left in Afghanistan in the 80’s and tried to clear this confusion by writing a book on Jihad. However insightful and moderate, he has failed so far to publish his work. In the meantime his attempts to build a normal life in the impoverished town where Al Qaida leader, Al Zarqawi grew up are failing. While the locals share their insights on Al Zarqawi and the current situation in the Middle East, the effects of their constraining environment become clear as Abu Ammar heads towards a life-changing decision and has to make a radical decision to save himself from humiliation.

Abu Amr is an ex-mujihadeen struggling to reconcile
his faith and reality by writing a book on Jihad. But he faces setbacks at every turn as he is forced to collect carton in the streets of Zarqa, an occupation barely sustaining his family. As his situation deteriorates he has to make a radical decision to save himself from humiliation.

Directors Note
« This film illustrates the background of radicalisation in the Middle East. Through the story of one man I try to let this film illuminate the complexity of larger problems in Zarqa, and the socio-economic constraints people face. Not even the people
considered most extreme are as one-sided as we might think. They too, have lives and coinciding problems recognisable
to everyone. This is not a film holding answers to global
problems, or providing excuses for radical acts. It is an attempt to shift the perception of such problems to a more realistic, humane one. It is also a call for more constructive and less condoning international attention to this area. To evoke understanding
instead of apprehension and fear. »

Documentaire – Couleur – 80′

Réalisation / Direction : Mahmoud Al Massad
Musique / Music : Dhafer Youseef
Montage / Editing : Anwar Haddad, Sammy Chekhes
Interprétation / Cast : Ali Al Azzam, Ahmad Thaher, Abu Bakr Al Azzam

iSee (Jordan, The Netherlands)
Mec Film (Germany)

Funded in the WCF Jury meeting in November 2006
Funding amount: 30.000 €
German WCF Partner: Mec Film
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