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Hakeem Kae-kazim



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Acteur nigérian. Hakeem a gagné la reconnaissance internationale avec son rôle de George Rutugunda pour le film Hotel Rwanda nominé aux Oscars. Il a eu une formation classique au Royaume-Uni
au très réputé Bristol Old Vic et aussitôt après son diplôme il a été invité à rejoindre la Compagnie Royale Shakespeare. Il vit à Los Angeles (Californie, USA).



Kae-Kazim is known in South Africa as a movie, commercial and serial actor. He won the Nigerian Image Award for 2010 and is often recognized for his intensely captivating role of’Colonel Ike Dubaku’ in’24 – Season 7′.

Hakeem gained international attention for for his portrayal of George Rutugunda in the Oscar nominated, critically acclaimed Hotel Rwanda. Classically trained in the UK, Hakeem first came to prominence sharing the stage with Brian Cox and Sir Ian McKellan in Richard III for the Royal National Theatre (Royal Shakespeare Company). He made a successful transition to British television with leading roles in Trial and Tribulation, The Bill, Grange Hill and Ellington and distinguished himself in the title role of Julius Caesar for the BBC. Hakeem then settled in South Africa where his work in film and television made him a household name. In 2005 he was nominated for a Gemini award for a Canadian series called Human Cargo for best supporting actor in 2005. Since moving to Los Angeles with his wife and two children Hakeem has appeared opposite Noah Wyle in Librarian 2 and with Eric Stoltz and Sam Neill in The Triangle. Hakeem has just landed a role on forthcoming Pirates of the Caribbean III.

In INSIDE STORY (directed by Rolie Nikiwe, 2011, Narrative Feature Film), he plays the tough but fair coach, Valentine. He is a single father to his daughter Zorte. Valentine juggles his duties as a father while trying to improve the teams record in order to keep his job.

He is based in Los Angeles California, USA.

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