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Simon Bright

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Producteur/trice délégué/e


Simon Bright est l’un des grands producteurs du continent africain.


Zimbabwean producer and documentary director, Simon BRIGHT, began working in the Zimbabwean Ministry of Agriculture by making radio and training video programmes. He established Zimmedia to make films combating the political and military propaganda of Apartheid South Africa.
Simon Bright has a master’s degree in development communication. and began by making and distributing training videos for small scale farmers, through the Zimbabwe Government’s Department of agricultural extension. Today he has a worldwide reputation for work which foregrounds an African Renaissance. His keen interest lies in celebrating the diversity of African culture, with films like Mbira Music – Spirit of the People, featuring performances by many of Zimbabwe’s finest traditional and contemporary musicians, Tides of Gold which rediscovers the glories of the region’s pre-historic trading past, and most recently, Mama Africa, a series of six short fictions written and directed by six women directors from different countries in Africa. He has produced two fiction films, FLAME and BINTOU, which were selected for the Cannes Film Festival.
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