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Cinéma/TV Littérature / édition Média

Shaibu Husseini

Critique de cinéma, Journaliste


Il est journaliste, critique de cinéma au quotidien THE GUARDIAN (Lagos).


He’s a Film Journalist/ Critic for THE GUARDIAN (Lagos) and Africiné (Dakar).

A widely travelled Culture/ film journalist and Critic, Shaibu writes for Nigeria’s flagship newspaper ‘The Guardian’. Reputed to be one of the most consistent documentarist of the Nigerian movie industry dubbed Nollywood, Shaibu is an astute commentator on arts and film development in Nigeria and the African continent. He has attended several conferences, workshops and festivals and has written extensively on the state of the performance arts and runs columns on film/video industry in several newspapers and journals. He also served on a number of panels and has been on the jury of a number of awards and festivals. The Chair, for five years running now, of the College of Screeners of Africa’s premier film award-the Africa Movie Academy Award (AMAA) and a member of the AMAA jury, Shaibu is author of Moviedom: the Nollywood narratives. Clips on the Pioneers. His other two books on film and specifically on Nollywood are in publishing.

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