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Chris Austin

Afrique du Sud


Chris Austin is a South-Afican filmmaker. He was born in Cape Town, he left his country at the age of twenty three after a short career as a journalist, photographer and would-be filmmaker. He has been lived in Paris and London for few years. He returned secretly in South Africa to shoot four documentaries, using his South African passport, he worked with his collaborator Peter Chappell, a cameraman and editor, and helped by journalist Nomavenda Mathiane and others.

Westdeutsche Rundfunk in Cologne offered him the film of the exciting Kenyan novel Going Down River Road, but the Kenyan government refused him a visa because I was a South African. Zimbabwe welcomed him to make The House of Hunger, based on Dambudzo’s Marechera’s novel, and Harare became their second home through the 80s and 90s. Not A Bad Girl was his first film back in a liberated South Africa,
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