Fiche Personne
Musique Théâtre Cinéma/TV

Solange Umuhire ( Liza Kamikazi)

Chanteur/euse, Auteur-compositeur/trice, Acteur/trice


Liza who is a songwriter and actress took a break following her colourful wedding in 2011.

The musician who was born on June 20, 1987, in the city of Butare in the Southern Province, is married to David Wald, also a professional musician and owner of a music academy in Kigali.

“I have been composing and writing songs because I was not able to perform on stage like I used to,” said Liza at the album’s prelaunch at Goethe Institute.

Liza took time off to take care of her baby, who is now one year. She is now able to rehearse and perform her songs. “It is quite difficult to manage both family life and work,” said Liza.

There are times when she had to take her baby with her when she went to work. “There have been times when it has been a challenge to find time to rehearse,” said Liza.

Despite the challenges, Liza is thankful to her husband for supporting her music career. He helped make her Iwacu (back home) album pre-launch a success. Her husband and Mani Martin helped make the event colourful.

The event attracted more than 200 guests among them influential people from the corporate sector.

In the recent past, the musician has been making more traditional music, unlike before when she mostly recorded pop music.

Her pre-launch album contains eight songs including Baba, Mpatiye pese Mwana w’u Rwanda, andIwacu among others. Her other songs include Usiniache, Nanone, Rahira with The Ben, Mbamo with Mani Martin, Nkiri Muto and Ni abacu.

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