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Leelai Demoz

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Producteur, réalisateur et acteur éthiopien.


Leelai Demoz has had a varied and illustrious career in the arts, both in front and behind the camera. He was nominated for an Academy and Emmy Award for the film « On TipToe » which premiered on HBO. The film, shot in South Africa, is a profile of the singing group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Additionally, his work has been seen on MTV, Discovery, BET, VH1, Travel Channel, and Lifetime. He ran Jeremy Piven’s production company, Luscious Mayhem, for several years.

He also directed a set of ‘get out the vote’ public service announcements for the William Jefferson Clinton Foundation. The spots featured LL Cool J and Alicia Keys.

Outside of the arts, Mr. Demoz has consulted with the United Institute of Peace. He served on a working group for the The William Jefferson Clinton Foundations Rwanda initiative. He was president of The Schoolhouse Foundation in New York City. The foundation partnered with JP Morgan to provide 0 million in bond financing to build public schools in New York City. It was the first public/private partnership of its kind in New York City.

As an actor he has appeared at the leading national and international theaters ranging from The National Theater of Great Britain to Broadway to regional theaters in the USA.

Leelai Demoz is represented at CAA.