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Shams Bhanji

Réalisateur/trice, Photographe, Producteur/trice, Scénariste, Monteur/se, Cadreur/se (Caméraman)


Réalisateur, photographe de mode, producteur, caméraman et monteur tanzanien.

Parfois crédité sous le nom de

Shams BHANJI est un réalisateur, photographe de mode, vidéaste

Filmographie (sélection)
The Ball (2005, court métrage),
Saved by the Smoke (2006, court métrage),
Moments Project (2002-2007, court métrage),
Through My Eyes (2008),
Blind Date (2009, court métrage, co-réalisateur)
Zamora (2013, long métrage), Réalisateur, ZG Films
Nadya (2015, Mini Série Télé, Télévision), Producteur / Réalisateur / Scénariste, Afrodisia Films
Feza Schools promo (2016, Publicité), Réalisateur /Caméraman / Monteur, Afrodisia Films
The Enchantress (2018, court métrage)

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Tanzanian film & video director, fashion photographer, video artist, Cameraman, Editor, Producer and Scriptwriter.

He is sometimes credited as

Shams BHANJI is a film maker and photographer from East Africa. He was educated in film and photography in Denmark and the UK. Since he has settled in Uganda again he is best known for his daring, sensual and creative approach to his photographic and film work. His film work consists of short films, documentaries and music videos.

Filmography (selection)
The Ball (2005, short),
Saved by the Smoke (2006, short),
Moments Project (2002-2007, short),
Through My Eyes (2008),
Blind Date (2009, short, co-dir)
Zamora (2013, Feature Film), Director, ZG Films
Nadya (2015, Mini TV Series, Television), Producer / Director/ Scriptwriter, Afrodisia Films
Feza Schools promo (2016, Corporate Video), Director/Cameraman/Editor, Afrodisia Films
The Enchantress (2018, short)

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