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Arya Lalloo

Réalisateur/trice, Scénariste, Responsable
Afrique du Sud


Née en 1980 en Afrique du Sud Africa, Arya Lalloo est une cinéaste an indépendante d’origine métisse vivant à Johannesburg.


Born in 1980 in South Africa, Arya Lalloo is an independent filmmaker of mixed heritage based in Johannesburg. She has written and directed documentaries for South African broadcast as well as the outreach documentary Citizen X in 2010. More recent work includes writing and directing on Alexandra! My Alexandra, a historical documentary series about the famous township of the same name, and the feature documentary Jeppe on a Friday (co-directed with Shannon Walsh) that paints an intimate and sensory portrait of life in a regenerating Johannesburg neighborhood.
Arya is broadly interested in social histories in post-apartheid South Africa and beyond. Much of her work is driven by a need to identify and provoke popular misperceptions and misrepresentations of contemporary urban African experience, by exploring, reimagining and celebrating often- invisible identities and histories.

Short Filmography

Citizen X, 58′

Alexandra! My Alexandra, 1×48′

Jeppe on a Friday, 87′
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