Fiche Personne

Guido van Driel

Réalisateur/trice, Peintre, Scénariste, Bédéiste


Dessinateur et Réalisateur hollandais.


Dutch graphic novelist and filmmaker.

Multi-talented artist Guido van Driel is a filmmaker, a painter and a writer/designer of graphic novels. In 2000, Van Driel made his début as a filmmaker with the documentary « U spreekt met Frank Laufer (U Are Speaking with Frank Laufer) ». The film « Groen is toch de mooiste kleur voor gras (Green is Still the Nicest Color for Grass) », produced by IDTV Film for broadcaster VPRO, was written and directed by Van Driel and nominated for a Golden Calf award at the Netherlands Film Festival in 2007. This film established his name as a filmmaker with a very original signature.

In 2004, the graphic novel « Om Mekaar in Dokkum (Round Each Other in Dokkum) » was published and, thereupon, universally acclaimed by the Dutch media. « The Resurrection of a Bastard » (2012) was based on this graphic novel and got selected for IFFR’s CineMart in 2010.

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