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Vincho Nchogu

Réalisateur/trice, Producteur/trice, Scénariste


Réalisatrice et Productrice kényane.


Kenyan Film Director, ScriptWriter, Producer, Stringer, Assistant Director, Assistant Producer and Liason.

She has worked in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania as a Producer/Director. Her experience in the region is wide and always comes in handy during productions. She has contacts in Eastern africa region (Inclusive of Rwanda, Ethioia, Burundi and Democratic Republic Congo). Her skills include photography and basic editing.

Columbia University in the City of New York
MFA, Film
2010 – 2015 (expected)

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication
Mass Communication
2000 – 2003

Credits: (TV), Ressurect (SH), Hand in Hand (DR).

Vincho Nchogu is a Kenyan nomadic filmmaker. After graduating from the Kenya institute of mass communication in 2003, Ms. Nchogu travelled through East and southern Africa working on Audio and visual productions.

Even though she works both in audio and visual production, Ms. Nchogu has defined herself more in the visual industry. She has been involved in different projects in different capacities.

Some of these projects include, Art direction for Imani, Uganda’s first feature film shot on a red, assistant direction for Hand in Hand soap opera, producing and directing TV shows like 3w, an events program. She also adapted eleven video documentaries- African transformation into radio programs.

Ms. Nchogu has directed different development films in East Africa including Wonder stove- a documentary on energy conservation. She is committed in celebrating great African artists. In 2007, she organised a tribute to Okot p’Bitek renown Ugandan poet where she asked east African filmmakers, performers, musicians and poets to re-enact p’ Bitek’s literary works for free.

The tribute re-enforced Ms. Nchogu commitment as conscious filmmaker. In light of this, Ms. Nchogu is in postproduction of a ten minute short, Death of Me, which explores inter-racial relationship. A black girl takes her Mzungu fiancée to her mother driving her nuts because she saw her father brutally murdered by white colonialists. This film will debut at Amakula Kampala international film festival in November this year.

She has directed a couple of independent short films like Fala, exhibited at various East African film festivals and at the New York video Dumbo. Her latest short film Resurrect will debut at the Cannes international film festival in the short film market corner.

Currently, Ms Nchogu is working on Antidote a fictional drama that explores witchcraft and violence. Visual Asili estimates that the film is to be filmed mid 2010 and released in 2011. She is also working with playwrights to adapt China Wines, a film script for stage.

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