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Stephen Smith

Ecrivain/ne, Journaliste, Scénariste, Consultant/e


Stephen W. Smith est Universitaire, journaliste, Scénariste et écrivain américain. Il a dirigé la rubrique Afrique au quotidien français Libération puis Le Monde. Il est l’auteur d’ouvrages sur l’Afrique très controversés.


Stephen W. Smith

An American academic, journalist, Scriptwriter, and writer, he worked as Historical Consultant for Olivier Assaya’s film « Carlos », which premiered in Cannes in 2010 and won a Golden Globe and Emmy Award in 2011. As an adviser for Africa, he also contributed to Ben Moses’ « A Whisper to a Roar », released at the Berlin film festival in February 2012. Since 2007, he teaches [as Visiting Professor of African & African American Studies]African Studies and Cultural Anthropology at Duke University and, as an adjunct Professor, at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS) in Washington DC. Prior to becoming the Africa editor of the French daily Libération and then Le Monde, he worked as a correspondent for Radio France International (RFI) and Reuters in West and Central Africa. He is the author of sixteen books, among them a biography of Winnie Madikizela Mandela (2007), and a regular contributor to The London Review of Books.

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